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How to start dating Japanese woman?

To start dating Japanese woman is actually not hard. If you are a man with European appearance, or typical foreigner, most of single Japanese women would be curious about communication with you and it is a good chance to start conversation. By the way, most of Japanese women are very open and easily communicate with new people even when they see them at first.

Very open and smiling, positive and energetic – that’s how typical Japanese woman could be described in short.

What is peculiar about dating Japanese?

Of course, cultural differences have impact. Things that could be considered normal on the first date in the U.S. are not common or not appropriate on the first date in Japan. For example, the first kiss is very rare on the first date in Japan and is not common. Usually, it happens not earlier than on the third date.

Most of Japanese women are oriented at serious dating that will be transformed to marriage in the future. If you want to kiss Japanese woman on the first date you can explain her this is normal in your country and there is no condemn of that. In most cases she would not mind. It may be appropriate when you are walking her home and, of course, if you both have mutual feeling for that.

It is better not to have it at the first date as most of Japanese women take that as something special rather than usual and would like to postpone it in sweet anticipation. If the guy is trying to get the kiss at the first date – most likely he will lose the trust of Japanese woman and the second date could be under the threat of never happen. The best time for this is 3rd or even 4th date.

Japanese woman likes to realize that man was waiting with anticipation all those long dates and, agree, this simple thing makes it much more sweet and romantic.

In Japan women consider the longer you will wait, the better it is for your relationship. Such attitude shows how actually serious are man’s intentions. If he is ready to wait and appreciates other qualities of his girlfriend it shows he is really ready to love and support her in different ways.

Who pays for the date in Japan?

In general, the bill is shared, especially if the woman is of the same social status or gets similar income, or if she is of your age – in all these cases it is common to split the bill. Even when couple is renting “love-hotel”. However, if there is big age difference or woman does not work, for example, she is a student, than it is common situation when man pays the restaurant bill.

In general, she would be happy if you pay the bill yourself. She’s not going to take that for offence or for violating women’s freedom. If you decided to buy some expensive bottle of wine during the date than you are paying for that. The same if you decided to spend time during the date in some unique way – for example, rope jumping.

What to do if you’d like start dating Japanese woman?

You have to spend time together and the best way is visiting different places together. Actually, this tip is given to foreigners by many Japanese women. The easiest and the best way is visiting some restaurants and cafes to have some tasty dishes there.

Very important for man is to be fun. Interesting and fun men attract Japanese women, because they are very open and fun themselves. You might greatly complement each other during this communication.

What is better NOT to do when dating Japanese?

If you already started relationship, never restrict her personal freedom. Japanese women are known as obedient and not pretending for leadership in relationship and life, but you cannot restrict their freedom. Never tell her what to do and what is better not to do, trying to control her.

Do the first step yourself

It is not a good idea to visit places you have visited with your previous girlfriend.

If Japanese woman liked some guy she will not show it. She would try to make it unnoticeable. Even if the guy is really cute and she liked him very much – she would try to hide her sympathy at the first and at the following dates.

What else is better to know when dating Japanese?

Japanese women are known to be demanding. Attractive Asian appearance combined with complaisance in behavior leave millions of men not indifferent.

Although more detailed look at Japanese women reveals that despite being extremely gorgeous and having flexible behavior, dating has numerous particularities in terms of truly unique traditions and stereotyped misconceptions.

First date

Arranging a first date with a Japanese woman does not much differ from date with woman of any other nationality. However, you should carefully think about the place and the time of your meeting.

Japanese people are known to be very punctual and precise regarding the time, therefore being late is simply unacceptable, especially in the case when the male partner is the one not to show up in time.

Good decision would be to invite woman to a cafe where you can spend your time chatting with each other without anything inhibiting your acquaintance.

Try to find out as much information about her tastes as possible, but do not forget that your dialogue should flow naturally and what is called “with the flow“.

7 Best Places for Dating in Japan or “where to go”

Fuji. It is one of the main Japanese destinations. Every year, thousands of tourists dream about reaching the peak of this mountain. This place is ideal if your girlfriend enjoys extreme climbing.

Himeji Castle. This hilltop building is one of the most ancient Japanese places. Magnificent, romantic, unusual – all these words could hardly describe the Himeji Castle.

Ginza, Tokyo. If you both prefer noisy and jolly places, Ginza will surely become the appropriate destination. Invite your Japanese woman to Ginza and have the funniest time ever!

This spot is best to be visited in the evening when the official office workers’ part of the day comes to the end. Your sweetheart will be captured by millions of lights all around. You both will fall in love with Shinjuku and will never forget your first date in Japan.

Are you keen on Japanese culture and acting? Then visit this unusual place in the very heart of Ginza. Japanese people look up to this theatre due to its luxurious costumes and crazy make-ups.

Kyoto Tower. One more great way to spend a date in Japan is the Kyoto Tower which is the tallest building in the city. Its viewing platform is located at an altitude of 100 m. On the roof of the 9-floor building you can also pay a visit to some shops or even get accomodation at the 3* hotel.

Disneyland, Urayasu. The thematic park stretches for over 47 ha. The greatest time in your life is guaranteed there. Evening is the most suitable time to observe a solemn parade of Disney’s characters with a firework show.

To conclude, choosing the right place for spending date with Japanese woman is a half of your success in relationship. A wide range of breathtaking spots described above will definitely bring the best Japanese dating experience of your life!

Further communication (after the first date)

Places for your future meetings should be chosen based on her preferences which you found out during the first date.

As you get to know each other better, try to make her more compliments. While Japanese men are convinced that compliments are not that of importance, Japanese women really adore to hear them. This approach will make you stand out in comparison with Japanese men and increase your chances of establishing a prosperous relationship between you and Japanese woman.

Although, keep in mind that in spite of being fond of hearing your compliments, Japanese women are still very shy. Do not allow yourself to cross the line in making compliments. As it has already been mentioned, Japanese people have a specific mentality. It means that actions that you consider polite enough can be perceived as insolent on the Japanese side. Never let the outburst of your negative emotions happen.


A separate aspect you should pay extra attention to is gifts. Do not try to gain favor by gifting costly stuff. By doing this, you will impose a responsibility on your Japanese partner. Responding with an equally expensive present is traditional among Japanese people.

It will mean much more to Japanese woman if you heartily gift her a bouquet of cheap flowers or toys with candies.

Even though every Japanese woman has her individual qualities, there is no doubt described peculiarities apply to most of them. Taking those advices into consideration might greatly improve your dating relationship with Japanese woman.